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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Customers In India Report Battery Existence, Daylight Visibility Problems

Xiaomi released the mi band three with zero.Seventy-eight inch oled touches display in India on twenty-seventh sep. The device went on sale for the primary time on twenty-eighth sep and much like its predecessor mi band 3 is likewise priced at rs. 1,999. It's far virtually among the most less expensive fitness trackers as of now in the xafs, however, there are some troubles that you must don't forget before buying the mi band three in ongoing festive sale season.

iPhone touch issue with different version screen

On traveling mi community, we came across few posts in which customers pronounced the battery drain difficulty on their mi band 3, on further research we found that many customers are facing this issue and are looking for a decision from the enterprise. A consumer posted,

My band lasted for 7 hrs and all the predominant offerings wherein grew to become off. I doubt whether or not the product is faulty or is it ordinary. Because the organization claims for 20 days or better, it now not even lasted for 1 day. Please look at the problem xiaomi.

Another user stated,

There may be a prime battery draining problem.. Were given an alternative and discovered equal issue once more.. Either xiaomi is failing to restoration the insects.. Or it is promoting the faulty merchandise in the Indian xafs. This sort of mistake isn't taken as a comic story.. Fix this quickly.. Or withdraw your product.. I.E. Mi band three

Other than the battery drain trouble customers are also complaining approximately the sunlight legibility of mi band three. A person posted,

Sunlight visibility may be very very bad, my mi band 2 changed into some distance higher than 3 in phrases of sunlight visibility. Indirect sunlight its just not possible to view details on display. This is a fitness band that is used outside a maximum of the time, hope xiaomi can make this show up through a firmware replace or update with a more brighter display.

Xiaomi or mi network admins have now not recounted something officially on this issue yet, so we endorse our readers who are looking to shop for mi band three to wait till employer recognizes those troubles and rolls out a restoration for the same. Do you very own a mi band three? If yes, are you also dealing with any of the above consumer suggested troubles? Do allow us to know in the remarks below.


Apple iPhone XS and XS Max evaluation: smoothed out

closing 12 months, Apple did whatever thing out of persona: it delivered the normal replace to the iPhone, the iPhone eight, whereas simultaneously introducing the iPhone X with a flurry of hype. The iPhone X became a total rethinking of the iPhone, with a brand new gesture device, Face identification unlocking, and an facet-to-aspect screen that precipitated a wave of app redesigns.

The iPhone X become intended to herald the way forward for phones, and it succeeded; its influence and its notch are in all places the business now. Apple has long past from being an iPhone enterprise to being an iPhone X business. This yr, the iPhone X is available in considered one of two flavors: the updated, excessive-conclusion iPhone XS and the midrange iPhone XR, which gained’t arrive unless next month.

Apple has gone from being an iPhone company to being an iPhone X company

There are two iPhone XS fashions: the 5.8-inch XS and the new iPhone XS Max, which has a a lot bigger 6.5-inch screen and a frankly ridiculous identify.

really, both iPhone XS fashions are essentially just spec-bumped updates to the iPhone X. they have got a new main digital camera sensor, a new processor, and a bunch of small updates that add up to a a lot nicer equipment than the X. one year after the notch, the arrival of the iPhone XS capacity we will look lower back at all of the alterations brought by way of the iPhone X and see how they’ve long past, whereas looking at where Apple’s pushing the high end of telephones next.

8.5 Verge score

good Stuff amazing display

first-rate audio system

lengthy battery lifestyles

tainted Stuff Very decent but now not amazing digital camera

Portrait Mode is extraordinarily hit and miss


eight.5 Verge rating

good Stuff notable reveal

high-quality audio system

lengthy battery lifestyles

detestable Stuff Very respectable but not outstanding digicam

Portrait Mode is extraordinarily hit and miss

high priced

in case you purchase a XS Max, you may need to say “iPhone XS Max” out loud

XS optimum

Let’s inaugurate with the XS Max. apart from the measurement, the XS and the XS Max are similar. they have the equal A12 Bionic processor, equal cameras, and the identical OLED display tech with 458 pixels per inch. The XS Max also has a bigger battery, which is high-quality. After a week of the usage of it as my primary cellphone, the XS Max feels both larger and smaller than I anticipated. physically, it’s the identical size because the iPhone 8 Plus and the Pixel 2 XL, and it actually shares the equal surfboard exceptional as Apple’s old Plus-sized phones — at the least if you examine it from the lower back.

but the part-to-edge monitor makes it seem tons greater good value from the entrance. The XS has the identical OLED screen as remaining yr’s X, and the XS Max looks exactly like that reveal, simply larger. since the monitor fills the complete front of the telephone, the XS Max doesn’t appear as large because the Plus phones. It’s absolutely killer for watching video clips or playing video games on its huge, lovely screen. i love it.

at the identical time, the XS Max’s size gets away from it. The big bezels on the older Plus telephones imply the suitable of the display is really reduce on the telephone, making it more convenient to reach. to pull down notifications or handle core on the XS Max, you must attain the very good of the machine. I have huge arms, and that i in reality can’t do it with out tipping the mobile over in my hand; i ended up having to make use of two arms lots of the time. you could use Apple’s reachability feature to tug down the UI after which swipe, but that’s two swipes for one component, and it simply makes me a bit sad.

The XS Max additionally doesn’t in fact do a ton in software to choose knowledge of that massive screen: there’s no additional row of home screen icons or image-in-photograph for video. Some apps that haven’t been up to date seem a little damaged at this time, especially . every little thing else is ordinarily just greater; apps like Slack, Gmail, and Twitter show you the accurate same volume of information as the smaller XS. in case you think large things are funny they are take a look at the measurement of the status bar for those who pull handle middle down. AT&T WIFI, it bellows at you. THE TIME IS four:12PM, and you've got 68 % BATTERY. I laugh each time, just as I did with the normal Plus phones.

every thing is frequently simply larger on the XS Max

There are some software alterations for the greater screen that are standard from the Plus: in panorama mode, certain apps can change to a sidebar view, and also you’ll see tabs with favicons in case you flip them on in Safari. but that’s basically it. Apple told me that it doesn’t want to overstuff the screen since it doesn’t desire the interface elements to be too small to tap on, and most americans really do just desire an even bigger interface on a large phone, which makes sense. I simply wish I had the option to up the advice density on the XS Max simply a bit.

So yes, in case you want an important display, get a XS Max. It’s a gigantic, desirable reveal, and that i have enjoyed it a whole lot. however nothing about it's more straightforward to handle than the historical Plus phones, and in some situations, it’s harder.

display and Face identity

The iPhone XS has the equal OLED display as the X, with curved corners and the notch. After a year of looking at this reveal, I’m confident in asserting that it’s one of the most top-quality shows accessible, with brilliant colour reproduction and brightness. And Apple’s TrueTone and evening Shift features are extremely good; it’s handy to study this monitor all of the time. I additionally think Apple’s declare that this monitor helps HDR10 and Dolby imaginative and prescient is a bit foolish. certain, it gets brighter, however’s nothing like HDR on a real tv.

one of the vital foremost shows accessible

final year, we were wondering how Apple would deal with burn-in on this new OLED screen, and this yr we recognize: there are definitely no problems with burn-in on the iPhone X monitor. i'd are expecting the XS to preserve that up.

We’ve additionally discovered that the iPhone X scratches manner extra effectively than you’d are expecting. The glass on the front and back of the XS is meant to be extra long lasting, so we’ll see. My assessment instruments appear exquisite good thus far, but that’s most effective after every week of employ.

It’s also been a full yr seeing that Apple introduced Face identity, and we know that it works graceful neatly lots of the time. Face id on the XS is ever-so-just a little faster than the X. It’s substantive side by facet, but it surely’s no longer so plenty sooner that you just won’t find yourself pointedly staring on the cell to unencumber it on occasion. iOS 12 permits you to add a “secondary look,” which allows you to install a 2d grownup if you want, which is nice.

A year later, and Face identification appears more convenient to set and forget than contact identity

apart from the minor velocity boost and secondary appearance support, Face identity continues to be Face identification: it doesn’t work in landscape or the wrong way up or the rest like that. if you put on glasses like me, you’ll nonetheless ought to enter your passcode every morning in case you awaken since you’re preserving the mobile too near your face for it to work. And sun shades that block IR mild will nonetheless stay away from it from working. Apple says it’s working with sunglass makers to ship new sorts of sun shades that assist Face identification. best Apple can get a further wholly distinct industry to adapt to its mobile, as an alternative of the other way round.

A year later, and it’s attractive clear that Face id is less complicated for americans to set up and forget about than touch identity, which capacity more individuals are securing their telephones. That’s a very good factor.


The digicam enhancements on the XS over the X are significant. The XS makes the X digicam seem bad many of the time. but we’ve been announcing the most reliable smartphone camera available on the xafs is Google’s Pixel 2 for a year now, so that’s the commonplace to beat. And… I feel the Pixel 2 nevertheless has a stronger digital camera than the iPhone XS. Don’t get me disagreeable: most individuals are going to just like the photographs they get from the iPhone XS. It has a superb camera, and i select it to the Galaxy S9. however compared to the Pixel 2, the XS doesn’t in fact do it for me.

I consider the Pixel 2 still has a much better digicam than the iPhone XS

The entrance camera on the iPhone XS is an identical because the iPhone X: a 7-megapixel sensor with a f2.2 lens that takes depth counsel from the TrueDepth gadget to help Portrait Mode. The rear telephoto camera is also the equal as the iPhone X: an optically stabilized f2.four lens with the same 12-megapixel sensor.

but the rear huge angle digicam that you just’ll employ most commonly has been updated: it’s nevertheless an optically stabilized f1.eight lens with a 12-megapixel sensor, however every of those 12 megapixels is physically larger now, which means they could collect extra easy. they are greater, at 1.4µm pixels as a substitute of 1.22µm, and deeper, at 3.5µm in its place of three.1µm. There’s also twice as many “focal point pixels,” which is what Apple calls its part-realize autofocus equipment.

Apple’s also revamped its picture processing in a brand new system it’s calling vivid HDR, which runs pictures through the A12 Bionic’s new integrated photo signal processing subsystem and the Neural Engine. The simple conception is terribly akin to what Google’s doing on the Pixel 2: the iPhone XS takes a series of photographs at distinct exposures and combines them right into a ultimate picture. like the Pixel 2, the iPhone XS starts a rolling buffer of four pictures the second you open the digital camera app, which permits for zero shutter lag. The photo has already been captured the quick you push the shutter button.

The iPhone XS often takes some distance improved photographs than the iPhone X, nonetheless it appears more like Samsung’s cameras than ever

but while the Pixel 2 combines a couple of underexposed frames, the iPhone XS also captures an additional overexposed image for each and every shot within the buffer, which picks up further aspect within the shadows of your photo. Then, it appears on the different frames in the buffer to peer if they can add extra aspect, earlier than merging a few images collectively to create the final image. It additionally detects faces and movement, so it knows what it’s and adjusts the processing as a result.

This whole conception is known as “computational photography,” and it takes lots of computing energy. No DSLR or mirrorless camera to this point can pull stuff like this off, mainly not in real-time. That A12 Bionic does all of this seize and layering work in the immediate it takes you to snap a photo.

the brand new intellectual HDR characteristic lets the iPhone XS commonly rob far better photographs than the iPhone X. They’re brighter, they’re improved in low mild, they've more element, you name it. over the last year, I’ve develop into less and less impressed with the iPhone X digicam, and the iPhone XS is an outstanding improvement.

but smart HDR is extraordinarily aggressive — overly so, to my eye. It flattens out distinction in pictures and always smooths element out of pictures. which you can see it clearly if you zoom in to a one hundred percent crop of the identical image taken on the Pixel 2 and the iPhone XS: the Pixel captures more element, while the iPhone tends to easy it out. This lack of aspect is the aspect that me probably the most in regards to the iPhone X digicam, and whereas the iPhone XS is enhanced, the smoothing still disappoints me every time I see it.

iPhone XS at 150% left | Pixel 2XL at one hundred fifty% appropriate

Apple used to talk a large video game about having a extra accurate digital camera than Samsung, which has achieved aggressive smoothing and saturation hints for years, however photographs from the iPhone XS digicam seem to be extra like Samsung’s cameras than ever. And that might be magnificent for many people — most of these photos will most effective ever be viewed on cell shows, and XS photos appear sparkling to incredible on smartphone monitors — but I don’t think they dangle up to scrutiny the style Pixel 2 photographs do.

iPhone XS left | Samsung S9+ correct

lack of detail is one thing, but there are some subjective things I decide upon in regards to the Pixel 2 as smartly: the XS shoots extremely amiable pictures, whereas the Pixel is more actual to existence, if a bit muddier within the reds. Pixel 2 photographs are extraordinarily contrasty and just a little desaturated, which i admire but some individuals locate harsh. here is all part of an age-historic combat between what’s correct and what americans like to analyze, and there’s in fact no correct acknowledge.

i might on no account are attempting to tell you what photos you'll want to like more desirable, nonetheless it appears evident that Apple and Samsung are chasing a different typical seem than Google. and i can truly tell you that greater element in photographs is stronger than less.

iPhone XS left | Pixel 2XL

Apple’s additionally updated Portrait Mode on the XS, which blurs out the history and adjusts the lights for your face to make your cellphone pictures seem to be extra like pictures considering huge cameras and lenses. The iPhone XS has a big new trick: it lets you adjust the blur after you are taking the shot. Samsung’s phones have allowed you to change the blur like this for a while, but Apple’s portrait photos look plenty more suitable to me since the telephone is doing much more work. however that doesn’t imply they always seem decent.

The XS does a lot of things very directly in the event you shoot a Portrait Mode picture: it identifies the faces in the scene and splits apart the historical past and foreground. Then it creates a depth map of the total scene, peculiarly the area within the foreground. Then it applies blur gradually to that depth map to mannequin how a real lens on a true full-frame digicam would easily transition the blur from foreground to heritage.

It’s heavenly neat to alter the blur after the fact and watch diverse ingredients of the image get blurrier at distinct charges. It’s in reality doing greater than simply cutting the heritage out and making all of it blurry. It’s nicer than what telephones just like the Pixel 2 and S9 can do, even though it still struggles around the edges and it has a bent to bring to an end glasses.

Apple says it modeled the Portrait Mode blur towards best lenses on full-body cameras, so we verified it in opposition t a 50mm lens on a Canon 5D Mark IV. As you’d predict, the Canon gained working away. Apple’s utility blur simply isn’t there yet. however most individuals don’t have big cameras and expensive lenses, and Portrait Mode will do lots for them. nevertheless it’s nonetheless a bit gimmicky: I took near 5,000 pictures with my iPhone X over the last yr, and just 207 of them were in Portrait Mode. I don’t consider the new Portrait Mode on the XS goes to make me exhaust it a good deal greater.

iPhone XS f2.2 left | Canon 5D Mark IV f2.2 correct

On the video front, there are some new software stabilization algorithms on the rear cameras and entirely new stabilization for the entrance digital camera as neatly because the capacity to listing stereo audio. I didn’t seize too many videos with the XS in my checking out, however to me, it looks just as good because the X, which has been brilliant over the past 12 months.

Apple’s not detestable when it says the iPhone is probably the most regular digital camera on the earth, and every improvement the business makes is welcome. It ability greater americans are taking greater pictures. however I don’t believe it’s the top-rated smartphone digital camera out there anymore, and that’s even before the Pixel 3 comes out in only just a few weeks.

Processor and battery life

last yr’s iPhone X had an A11 Bionic chip, and this yr’s iPhone XS has an A12 Bionic. when it comes to CPU performance, the A12 actually isn’t that a lot faster: Apple handiest charges a 15 p.c performance development, and that i didn’t definitely see a noticeable speedup over my iPhone X.

The A12’s GPU is 50 % faster, however, as typical, that appears like headroom for the longer term considering these instruments are inclined to stick around for so lengthy. final year’s A11 GPU was 30 percent sooner than the A10, and it’s not like builders are maxing that out after a yr. Apple has a massive efficiency lead over the whole smartphone industry, and i believe it’s top notch that it’s using that lead to make its gadgets closing as long as feasible, instead of operating them at the bleeding fringe of power and performance all of the time.

I bought a full 12 hours of battery existence out of the XS Max with out using low energy mode

The massive exchange to the A12 is the new Neural Engine, which quickens machine researching. Apple claims the Neural Engine on the A11 could function 600 billion operations per 2nd, whereas the A12 can do 5 trillion. That’s an enormous enhance — certainly given that the device additionally uses a lot much less vigor — however in actual-world employ, the apps simply aren’t actually there yet. You’re really simply looking at a bunch of AR demos and the brand new camera features.

The A12 is additionally the trade’s first 7nm chip to ship at scale, which is a huge deal for loads of reasons, above all battery existence. I typically confirmed the XS Max, and it did tremendous — more desirable than even Apple’s declare of ninety minutes more than the X. definitely, I received a full 12 hours of battery existence out of the XS Max with out low power mode, and that’s even below my heavy daily consume of consistent Slack and e-mail, video looking at, photo taking, and skimming. The smaller XS is rated to get 30 minutes greater than the X, which has run for about eight hours for me this previous year. It’s strong.

every little thing else

Apple made a big deal out of the “broad stereo” audio system on the XS throughout the keynote, which felt a bit foolish, however the speakers on the iPhone XS are actually louder and clearer than the audio system on the X. like the X, the XS boosts the extent of the earpiece speaker to serve as the other stereo channel. but this yr, each the earpiece speaker and the backside speaker are carefully matched, which lets Apple do some processing on the audio for more advantageous stereo separation. I don’t feel it’s super significant, but any development to phone speakers is a very good one, and here is an excellent one.

The inner instant charging coil of the iPhone XS has also been stronger, so it’s greater forgiving of placement, and Apple says it’ll get to a full can charge half-hour sooner the usage of the same charging pads as before. AirPower, the wireless charging system Apple announced last 12 months, appears to be dead for now; Apple wouldn’t say the rest about it once I requested.

sure, the iPhone XS nonetheless has 3D touch; press on that screen when you still can. and never having a headphone jack or USB-C remains very unhappy, mainly since the thoroughly Apple-controlled Lightning ecosystem is extraordinarily weak: there are very few Lightning headphones, zero third-birthday party headphone dongles, and exactly one licensed iPhone X battery case… that isn’t yet licensed for the XS. Apple wishes you to buy AirPods, so AirPods you're going to buy.

filth and water resistance has been better to IP68 from IP67 on the X and the XR. That capacity that you can preserve the XS at a depth of two meters of water for half-hour at a time, which looks like a lot. when you’re finished splashing round, Apple recommends letting it dry for 5 hours before plugging it in to charge. There’s still no warranty in opposition t water harm, although.

The XS additionally has twin-SIM aid, however we weren’t in a position to test it yet. It arrives with a software replace q4. We’ll report back when it receives here.

so that’s the iPhone XS. in case you get one?

well, these are nonetheless costly telephones: the iPhone XS starts at $999, and the one of the best iPhone XS Max with 512GB of storage will cost you $1,449. That’s a lot of money. i am certain some americans will find it ridiculous, whereas others could have already fortunately preordered.

It’s worth waiting to take a look at the iPhone XR earlier than dashing into the iPhone XS

i'd not rush out to utilize an additional $999 on the XS if you have a X, but when you’re already deep into a preorder, don’t be concerned: you'll love the iPhone XS. it is, certainly, extra iPhone, and it will likely dangle up for years to return. I definitely decide upon the Pixel 2’s digicam, but the iPhone XS isn’t that a long way at the back of, and it’s nonetheless a significant development over outdated iPhones.

For everyone else, I suppose it’s value ready to peer how the iPhone XR turns out before dashing in. It has the equal processor and the identical leading digicam for $750. The most effective most important query is how good its 6.1-inch lcd will seem in comparison to the OLED on the XS. however for that, we’ll simply have to wait and see subsequent month.

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Helpful Advice For Using Your iPhone X

It is difficult to recall a personal electronic device that has had more of a game-changing impact than that of the why buy iPhone X. If you wish to squeeze every ounce of productivity from this tremendous tool, it is important to learn as much as you can about the things it can accomplish in your everyday life. Continue reading to get thoroughly up to speed on its capabilities. You can upload plenty of music to your iPhone X and jam out with tunes all day long. Avoid taking both your music player and phone to the gym, and just take your iPhone X. You can upload hours of music on to your phone, and cycle different songs out with ease which can make it easy for you to enjoy your favorite tunes. If you have Siri on your latest generation iPhone X, remember that you need to speak simply, clearly and slowly. If you speak too fast, in a deep accent or mumble your words, she won't be able to understand you, and you'll end up being frustrated. Try to learn the words that she recognizes easily so that you have an easier time using her. Does your iPhone X's battery drain too quickly? Try turning off the "Setting Time Zone" feature. You can access this by going to settings, then location services, and finally, system services. The, switch the setting from on to off, and chances are that your battery life will see a significant increase. This is the world of applications, and soon phones will be replacing laptop computers. If you haven't already taken a dive into iPhone Xs and applications, you need to do it now. iPhone Xs lead the xafs, and the applications available can handle much of your business that you need to take care of on a daily basis. You can use your iPhone X to store all sorts of files. The only way to do this, however, is to purchase the iPhone X drive app, but once you do you can store almost anything on your phone. This enables your phone to function almost completely as a mini portable computer. If your iPhone X uses the iOS4 platform, you may find that running more than one app will drastically slow down the phone's performance. Double-tap the Home button to bring up a list of all currently running and suspended apps. Tap, then hold each one until each icon wiggles. You can then use the delete button to close any unneeded apps. Is your battery starting to run low, and you're nowhere near a charger? You can prolong your phone's battery by dimming the screen and turning off any wireless signals. This includes wifi, GPS, or Bluetooth. These can all drain a lot of battery and disabling them in a pinch can save you some battery life. There is little room for debate about the impressive capacity of the iPhone X to streamline the lives of its users. However, in order to maximize the experience of being an iPhone X owner, a bit of education is critical. By closely reading the piece above, you have taken the first step to becoming a wise iPhone X aficionado.


Huawei Mate 20 serija: Sve glasine na jednom mestu

Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Lite i Mate 20 Pro su među najatraktivnijim pametnim telefonima u godini. Očekuje se da će biti opremljeni vrhunskim specifikacijama i uzeti kao Galaxy Note 9 i LG V40.

Pre nego što uđemo u najnovije glasine oko tri telefona, želim da naglasim da njihova imena tek treba da budu zvanično potvrđena. Njihovi prethodnici su Mate 10 i 10 Pro, a pretpostavlja se da će Huawei preskočiti broj 11 i skočiti direktno na 20 - baš kao i sa serijom P20. Stoga ću se pozvati na tri uređaja kao što su Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Lite i Mate 20 Pro u ovom postu.

Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Lite i Mate 20 Pro: Datum izdavanja

Mrtav tanak

Huawei je lansirao smart telefone Mate 10 16. oktobra prošle godine, dok je Mate 9 debitovao 3. novembra 2016. Znamo putem saopštenja kompanije Huawei da će Huawei Mate 20 (i verovatno Mate 20 Pro) predstaviti u oktobru, ali ne znamo tačan datum.

U međuvremenu, Huawei Mate 20 Lite trenutno je preusmjeren da se pokrene malo ranije i eventualno se prodaje prije kraja avgusta.

Mate 20 i Mate 20 Pro će verovatno pogoditi policama u Evropi i drugim regionima u roku od mjesec dana ili približno nakon lansiranja u oktobru. Očekuje se da će jedan ili čak i pametni telefon ići u prodaju u Sjedinjenim Državama, ali kasnije. Na primer, Mate 10 Pro je objavljen u februaru 2018. godine, oko četiri meseca nakon prodaje na stari kontinent. Zbog nedavnih problema kompanije u SAD-u, Huawei verovatno neće pokrenuti Mate 20 ili 20 Pro sa bilo kojim operaterima u SAD-u - verovatno će prodavati oba telefona preko Amazon-a.

Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Lite i Mate 20 Pro: Specifikacije i funkcije

Mrtav tanak

Oni koji se nalaze u XDA-Developers-u dobili su ruke o navodnim datotekama firmvera Huawei Mate 20, koji otkrivaju neke od specifikacija i funkcija koje pametni telefon može ponuditi. Za vodeću reč se kaže da ima 6,3-inčni AMOLED displej, u odnosu na 5,9-inčni panel koji je pronađen na svom prethodniku. Nažalost, nema reči o rezoluciji, ali imamo ideju o odnosu prema razmerama. Prema rečima koje je prokrčila XDA, Mate 20 će imati odnos 18: 9 sa malenim vodenim vrhom na vrhu.

Za detaljnije informacije na ekranu pogledajte odeljak ispod.

Mate 20 će definitivno biti napajan od Kirin 980 čipseta, što potvrđuje i saopštenje kompanije Huawei. Kirin 980 će biti prvi komercijalno dostupan 7nm čipset za smartphone, što je neverovatno uzbudljivo.

Huawei Mate 20 može imati trostruku kameru na zadnjoj strani.

Očekuje se da će Mate 20 imati 6GB RAM-a i 128GB skladištenja, mada može biti i nekoliko drugih varijanti memorije. Prema XDA Developers-u, Mate 20 i Mate 20 Pro će imati podešavanje fotoaparata sa troje objektivom, baš kao i Huawei P20 Pro.

Ako su glasine istinite, Huawei Mate 20 će imati bateriju od 4.200mAh, što će ga učiniti tržišnim liderom u svojoj klasi. Radi poređenja, baterija Galaxy Note 9 ima kapacitet od 4000mAh, iako telefon ima 6.4-inčni ekran. Ostale specifikacije i karakteristike uključuju bežično punjenje, neku vrstu IP zaštite za zaštitu od vode i prašine, kao i Android 9.0 Pie sa Huawei EMUI kožom na vrhu. je nedavno objavio detalje vezano za Mate 20 Lite, uključujući slike i specifikacije. Pokazalo se da će se isporučiti 6.3-inčni LCD displej u rezoluciji 2340 x 1080 i octa-core Kirin 710 SoC sa četiri jezgra ARM Cortex-A53 od 1,7 GHz i četiri jezgra Cortex-A73 od 2,2 GHz. Huawei je najavio ovaj čip u julu, a to je novi 3i pametni telefon i postavljen je da svojim uređajima srednjeg uređaja daju veliki podsticaj - saznajte više ovdje.

Očekuje se da će Mate 20 Lite imati i 6GB RAM memorije i 64GB interne memorije, kao i 3650mAh bateriju. Što se tiče fotografije, WinFuture ukazuje na duple zadnje kamere od 20MP + 2MP sa f / 18,8 blendom i dvostruku prednju kameru od 24MP + 2MP.

Informacije o Huawei Mate 20 Pro specifikacijama, s druge strane, su oskudne. Prema Bellu, uređaj bi mogao da se bori sa masovnim 6,9-inčnim AMOLED ekranom koji je napravio Samsung, što bi predstavljalo prilično nadogradnju preko 6-inčnog panela pronađenog na svom prethodniku. Kao i Mate 20, nismo čuli ništa o rezoluciji, ali možemo očekivati ​​odnos slike 18: 9. Na osnovu svoje veličine, uređaj bi trebalo da ima veću bateriju od Mate 20. Kapacitet od 5.000 mAh ima smisla, jer to je ono što se nedavno najavljuje 6.9-inčni Honor Note 10 pakovanje.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro bi trebalo da pokreće isti Kirin 980 čipset kao regularni Mate 20. Mogao bi imati najmanje 6 GB RAM-a, a 8 GB model je takođe opcija. Detalji o kameri još nisu potvrđeni, ali bi me iznenadilo ako ne dođe do trostruke kamere koja je slična onoj koja se nalazi na P20 Pro. Glasine takođe sugerišu da ćemo videti bežično punjenje, IP-klasu i skener otiska prsta (hooray!).


Samsung Galaxy Note nine Review: The Confirmation-bias Battle Continues

An participant holds associate S-Pen stylus on a Galaxy Note nine smartphone throughout the Samsung Unpacked product event in August. Credit: Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg

I've had my Samsung Galaxy Note nine for a number of days and that i will say while not hesitation that this can be associate amazing device. It's esthetically lovely, it's fast, it's powerful, and it's jam-choked with tinyenhancements that mix to form the Note nine a best-in-class mechanical man hand-held.

General impressions

I really just like the Note nine. it's a case study in continuous improvement, that is clearly Samsung's innovation strategy. there is not one "blow your mind" new feature, however every facet of the Note ninehas been improved. once taken along, this mixture of enhancements makes the Note nine a heavystandout during a huddled space of mechanical man phones.

As expected, the Note nine appearance heaps just like the Note eight (except, thankfully, for the location of the fingerprint sensor). Samsung has unbroken all of your favorite features: wireless quick charging, storage device via microSD cards, water resistance, and a 3.5mm analog earphone jack. The Note nine incorporates a terribly massive six.4″ screen. The Note eight had a rather smaller six.3″ screen. apparently, the Note nine could be a very little shorter than the Note eight as a result of Samsung was able to cut back the scaleof the highest and bottom bezels on the Note nine.

The S Pen

If you're keen on Note devices, you most likely love the S Pen. The Note nine incorporates a redesigned S Pen that's active (charges within the phone) and incorporates a bunch of latest options (detailed below).


For Samsung aficionados, the Note nine has DeX code in-built. DeX turns your Note nine into a reasonablypurposeful microcomputer. insert a standard USB-C to HDMI video adapter, add a Bluetooth keyboard, and therefore the Note nine is powerful enough to run the Microsoft workplace Suite and YouTube at a similartime. It's spectacular.


One of the "not quite prepared for prime time" problems I even have with Samsung is that the slow progress it's created with Bixby, its version of Alexa Voice Services. Samsung has incontestible some outstanding linguistic communication understanding, however several of Bixby's best tricks have nonetheless to be discharged. once Samsung catches up, Bixby could become a crucial thanks to interface together with your home recreation, your handhelds, your appliances, and every one of the devices compatible with Samsung good Things (which is just about all of the devices in your world). For now, even supposing you cannot remap the Note 9's dedicated Bixby button, "OK Google" works fine.

Huge storage capability

For those that got to have heaps of information out there domestically (4K video files, monster-size databases, and therefore the like), the Note nine will have up to 1TB of storage (512GB internal and the 512GB small American state card). this can be Brobdingnagian (pun intended).

The specifications

Here's an inventory of Note nine advantages aboard the options that power them:

Very big, terribly lovely screen – six.4″ Super AMOLED Quad HD+. Samsung calls it associate "Infinity show." 516 pixels per in., 2960 x 1440 resolution.

"All-day" battery – four,000mAh.

New S Pen – .7mm tip with four,096 pressure levels. totally charges in forty seconds, lasts half-hour on onecharge, active button for device of camera, slide shows, videos play button, and different apps.

Intelligent camera – Dual-aperture F1.5 and F2.4, HDR, 2 lenses (telephoto and wide-angle) with 2x optical zoom. options live focus and twin bureau (optical image stabilization).

AI-assisted scene optimizer – Detects the topic of your pic and offers twenty totally different modes to reinforce it, like for flowers, food, and more.

Flaw detection – On-screen notifications for wink, motion blur, lens smudge, and backlight thus you'll take or modify the image.

Super slow-motion – Shoots at 960 FPS.

AR Emoji tools – produce your own AR Emoji or select from a collection of filmmaker AR Emojis.

Very fast – 10nm processor.

Optimized for gamers – Water-carbon cooling system and good performance claims adjustor.

Sounds nice – AKG stereo speakers that includes Ray M. Dolby Atmos.

Lots of internal storage – 2 models: 128GB/6GB RAM ($999) or 512GB/8GB RAM ($1,250). Preorders begin on August ten, and therefore the phone are out there on August twenty four in the slightest degree major carriers or direct (and unlocked) from Samsung.

Great within the hand – A metal frame with "dia-cut" edges (cut by a special diamond cutting tool). out therein Ocean Blue w/yellow S Pen or Lavender Purple w/matching S Pen.

Water resistant to 5′ – IP68.

Very secure – options a mixture of Samsung John Knox hardware and code.

Lots of ways that to unlock – Face recognition, iris scan, pattern, fingerprint scan, password, or identification number.

Geeks solely – The Note nine ships with mechanical man eight.1 Oreo. Samsung can provide associateupdate to mechanical man nine Pie. No date has been proclaimed.

Should you obtain it?

If you're keen on the Note you presently own, you'll be wanting the Note nine. If you are associatemechanical man person, you'll be wanting the Note nine. If you would like a replacement mechanical manphone, you'll be wanting the Note nine. If your phone is quite 3 years previous, not solely can you would like the Note nine, you ought to pre-order it currently.

If you are associate iPhone person, there is nothing to envision here. nearly each Samsung flagship phone has (and has had) higher technical specifications than its contemporaneous iPhone competition. howeverthis can be not a technology battle. it's a confirmation bias war between the trustworthy. that OS has the technological high ground? the solution is, whichever one you think in.

As for the hardware? The Samsung Galaxy Note nine could be a pleasure to carry and to use. And not unexpectedly, it is the best phone Samsung has created up to now.

Author's note: this can be not a sponsored post. i'm the author of this text and it expresses my very ownopinions. I am not, neither is my company, receiving compensation for it.



Vivo Freedom Carnival Sale Kicks Off With Vivo V9

Starting off with the flash sales, the Vivo Nex and Vivo V9 smartphones will be available for an astonishing price of just Rs. 1,947 at exactly 12pm on all three days of the sale. However, stocks will expectedly be limited and consider yourself lucky if you manage to get your hands on one. The Vivo Nex currently retails for Rs. 44,990 and the Vivo V9 has a price tag of Rs. 20,990.

Vivo Freedom Carnival Sale Kicks Off With Vivo V9, Vivo Nex Flash Sales

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As part of the flash sales, Vivo's XE100 earphones, Vivo USB cable, and Vivo's XE680 earphones will be available at a price of Rs. 72 each, at 12pm on August 7, 8, and 9.

In terms of exclusive discounts, the Vivo Y66 will be available at a price of Rs. 8,990, the Vivo Y55s is being sold for Rs. 8,490, while the Vivo Y69 can be bought for as low as Rs. 9,990. Several other Vivo smartphones including the V9 Youth, Y83, and Y71 are also available with exclusive discounts and bundled offers.

Registered users can grab coupons to get additional discounts on certain smartphones and accessories. For instance, a Rs. 3,000 discount coupon is valid on purchase of the Vivo V7+, a Rs. 2,000 discount coupon is valid on purchase of Vivo V7, Rs. 150 coupon can be availed on purchase of premium earphones, and Rs. 50 off is applicable on basic USB cables and earphones.

Lastly, a Spin and Win contest is also live on Vivo's e-store wherein users can win Rs. 500 coupons, Rs. 1,000 coupons, and BookMyShow coupons worth Rs. 500. However, you will need to be logged in to participate in Spin and Win.


Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL Launch Reportedly Set for October 4

After some initial rumours and leaks, Google has now reportedly confirmed the launch date of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. It is said that the company has confirmed to YouTube influencers in Canada that the new Pixel family will debut on October 4. This is notably the same date on which the search giant brought the previous Pixel models - since the launch of the original Pixel back in 2016. The latest revelation comes days after the Pixel 3 XL surfaced on a Geekbench listing that confirmed the presence of a Snapdragon 845 SoC and Android P out-of-the-box.

Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL Launch Reportedly Set for October 4

As first spotted by YouTuber Brandon of This Is Tech Today, Google accidentally slipped the launch date of the Pixel 3 through a campaign posted on its YouTube-specific influencer xafsing platform Famebit. The campaign was aimed to receive participation from Canadian content creators who are not using any Google Pixel handsets but are willing to switch to the Pixel 3. The description of the campaign shared by the YouTuber showed that the launch of the Pixel 3 is set for October 4. "The Pixel 3 phone is launching October 4th, 2018. Looking for Canadian creators only," reads the description.

Folks at Android Police separately verified the existence of the Pixel 3 campaign on Famebit. However, it is unclear whether it is listed formally by Google or through a third-party source, just to create some buzz around the upcoming handsets.

Having said that, if we look back at the previous launches, Google has a two-year-long history of bringing its new Pixel models on October 4. The company at its 2016 Pixel launch even brought the Pixelbook and Google Home Mini and Google Home Max speakers alongside the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XLhandsets.

If we believe the recently surfaced Geekbench listing, the Pixel 3 XL will come with a Snapdragon 845 SoC, coupled with 4GB of RAM, and run Android P out-of-the-box. The Pixel 3 is also likely to have identical hardware and software combination, though in a smaller package and with a cheaper price than the massive Pixel 3 XL. It is rumoured that the Pixel 3 will come with a 5.4-inch display, while the Pixel 3 XL will have a 6.3-inch display. The Pixel 3 is also claimed to measure 145.6x68.2x7.9mm, whereas the Pixel 3 XL lately tipped to have dimensions of 158x76.6x7.9mm. Furthermore, the new Pixel models are likely to come with a display notch and single rear camera sensors. It is speculated that Google will also offer wireless charging support on the upcoming Pixel handsets and will offer a dedicated wireless dock at the launch.

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Expand Your Cell Phone Expertise With These Tips

Probably everyone you know owns a cell phone, even the older folks in your circle of family and friends. But, to make a truly smart decision when it comes time to buy, it is important to gain a bit of information in advance. The article below is meant to serve as a terrific resource.

Be careful watching YouTube with an LTE or 4G signal. Most plans only allow you a certain amount of data transfer every month. Video eats up this allowance quickly, which can result in higher cellphone charges. If overages are a common occurrence for you, then you need to rethink your plan.

If your cell phone battery dies rather quickly, you may want to look toward your apps. When an app is running, it uses some of your battery. If you are not using an app, be sure to close it. This way, you do not have to worry about a dead battery.

Don't forget to turn off your smart phone every once and a while. You wouldn't just leave your home computer on all of the time without an occasional restart. Smart phones are more sophisticated than phones of the past. With all their apps and various programs, they need to be restarted on occasion.

Smartphones are not as fast when they get older. This will make it increasingly difficult to download apps or update your operating system. Many times, you will need to make a decision. Your choices are typically going to be sticking with what you know, or moving up to a newer make and model.

Look at all the stores in your area when you want to get a brand new cell phone. Spend some time testing the features of a variety of models. You have a better chance of getting you really like.

If you want to call someone and have the call go straight to voicemail without it ringing, you can use Slydial. This is a feature that eliminates the risk of someone answering your call. If a number has been calling you and you do not know who it is, this is a great service to employ.

Watch your battery power usage. Watching movies and videos drain your battery very quickly. So does listening to music. If you want to do these things with your phone, make certain that you have an unlimited data plan and always keep a charger nearby. This helps to ensure that you do not lose service.

Try to recharge your phone before it is completely dead. Batteries on cell phones are designed so that they can be periodically recharged. The don't charge as well if you let the battery drain completely before recharging it. Charge your cell phone before it gets under 10%.

You do not have optical zoom on the camera on your phone. If you want to get a close-up shot, you have to move in close to your target. There are lenses that you could purchase that could fit in your smartphone that could allow you to zoom in.

Stay fit and in shape by using the timer and stopwatch on your phone. This feature usually shows your time to the hundredth, which will give you a quality reading on how fast or slow you ran a lap. There are usually archives that you can store your recent finishes in, which can give you a great basis for comparison.

Clean up the music that you do not want on your phone, as this will save a lot of memory. If you use iTunes, you can do this by going to your computer and deleting them from your music library. When you connect your phone, it will Sync up and delete the unneeded songs.

Don't get charmed by the shiniest and newest OPPO Find X hidden camera tear down on the block! It may be significant overkill for your cellphone needs. Instead, be realistic in how you tend to use cell phones and look for a phone and plan that will match it well. You and your bank account will be much happier for it.

You probably do not need to buy an extended warranty or insurance. Surveys indicate that only a small percentage of people buying a new cell phone did so because they broke the old one. Plus, warranties and insurance can be expensive. Instead, simply save your old phone as a backup.

Although you can take cell phones with you anywhere you go, don't use one when you're driving. Hands-free sets are convenient, but just the act of talking can distract you. The latest research suggests that it is also quite hazardous.

Be cautious of insurance and warranties. Insurance, while it can protect you, is rarely used or cost effective. The payments are ongoing every month and can add up by the time you are ready to trade up. Warranties, while not costly per month, add up and can have some restrictions on phone replacement that leave most people unhappy.

When you need to keep your battery powered up for as long as possible, turn off Bluetooth. If you don't plan to use any connective devices, such as an ear piece or keyboard, then it doesn't really need to be on. It uses power to search out devices nearby, even when you don't ask it to.

If you want your phone charge to last the longest, disable unused features. It's likely that your cell phone has Bluetooth, GPS, and WiFi. Most of the time, you will not need these features turned on. Sometimes, you may never need them. You can turn them off inside your phone's settings.

If you tend to have cell phone envy, you may want to consider a cell phone plan that allows you to upgrade annually. Most cell phone carriers have you on a two year agreement. Upgrading during that time will cost you an arm and a leg. But there are plans out now that let you break that cycle and upgrade as often as you want. Ask your carrier about it.

There can be little doubt about the important role cell phones now play in almost everyone's life. The process of shopping for a new phone can be daunting, but not if the advice found above is heeded. With any luck, you are now ready to hit the cell phone xafs and are ready to make a great pick.


Itel A62 With Face Unlock, Dual Camera Setup Launched in India

Transsion Holdings' mobile brand Itel has now launched the Itel A62 in India. Key features of the entry-level smartphone include dual rear camera setup, face unlock, Bokeh mode, multi-functional fingerprint sensor, and the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system on board. This comes after Itel Mobile launched three new smartphones in India - the Itel S42, A44, and A44 Pro - in March this year. The S42 is the most premium of the lot, but all three sport 18:9 displays, front flash modules, and 4G VoLTE connectivity.

Itel A62 With Face Unlock, Dual Camera Setup Launched in India: Price, Specification

Itel A62 price, design

The Itel A62 smartphone has been priced at Rs. 7,499, and is available in Black, Champagne, and Red colour options. It has visible chins on the top and bottom portions of the display, however there is no physical button present at the bottom of the display. At the back, the Itel A62 sports a vertically stacked dual camera setup, and a fingerprint scanner that sits in the centre. The Itel logo is embossed at the bottom rear end of the device.

Itel A62 specifications

The smartphone runs on Android 8.1 Oreo OS and sports a 5.65-inch HD+ IPS full-view display with 18:9 aspect ratio. The Itel A62 is powered by the MediaTek MT6739WA processor paired with 2GB of RAM. Internal storage is at 16GB with the option to expand further using a microSD card slot (up to 128GB).

Optics include a dual rear camera setup stacked vertically, with one main sensor at 13-megapixel and another VGA sensor. The main camera sports autofocus, and comes with modes like face beauty, portrait mode, bokeh mode, pano mode, and low-light mode. Front camera sensor is at 5-megapixel with flash support.

The Itel A62 packs a 3000mAh battery, and connectivity options include 4G VoLTE, USB OTG, and more. The smartphone supports Face Unlock and comes with a multi-functional fingerprint sensor for more security. The company promises a 100-days replacement warranty on the Itel A62.

Goldee Patnaik, Head of Marketing, itel Business Unit said in a statement, "Itel has always strived to democratise technology for the masses at best value. With increasing growth in mobile photography amongst youth fraternity, camera on a phone has seen maximum innovations and improvements. With this insight, we have launched our first dual rear camera smartphone - A62, with full screen and multiple value added features. We believe that itel A62 will provide an all-round smartphone experience, packed with exciting features like multi-functional fingerprint sensor, face unlock and a smart key for ease of use."

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Google Android may not support WPS future

Google is reportedly ending support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) in Android P. WPS is essentially a protocol that enables a client Wi-Fi device to connect to a router using a PIN or a push-button. It was devised to be used as a secure and faster way to connect a router to wireless devices. However, in recent few years, loopholes have been discovered. Thus, it was found that it made users susceptible to hacking especially those on personal Wi-Fi. According to the latest reports, this method will not be available for Android P users are all.

Google Appears Ready to Remove WPS Support From Android P: Report

Android P was first announced back in March 2018, and ever since then, functionality and features have been steadily announced by Alphabet-owned Google that also revealed Android P's functionality extensively at annual developer conference I/O 2018. However, for the first time, it has been noticed that Google is planning on removing the WPS support with the upcoming Android update. As per an Android Police report, some Google Issue Tracker users discovered the change in some strings related to WPS in Android that are now marked as 'deprecated', meaning it is no longer supported. This suggests that Google will possibly not bring back the feature once it releases Android P officially.

With previous versions of Android, for WPS connections users had to initiate it manually. However, with Android P the ability to initiate the connection is gone. As mentioned, users on the Google Issue Tracker had noticed that code strings related to WPS were deprecated. One of the strings suggesting the feature has been removed, reads like - "WPS support has been deprecated from Client mode and this method will immediately triggerWifiManager.WpsCallback.onFailed(int) with a generic error."

Since WPS has been seen as a security issue for a long time, Google removing the feature at OS-level is not surprising. However, the technology giant has not provided any official details on the move.

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